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(date added:12/07/2012)

OVB – Optident Vision Boutique

(date added:02/03/2009)

POV Led Brochure

(date added:29/01/2009)

White Dental Beauty

(date added:29/05/2008)

Labline – Aesthetic Dental Engineering

(date added:07/04/2008)

Enamel plus HFO Stratification Technique

(date added:03/08/2007)


Uncompromising lighting for shade matching and characterisation…….

(date added:12/06/2007)

Panasil Initial Contact

Thanks to its unique hydrophilicity, the A-silicone Panasil Initial Contact will convince you from the very first second, especially in a moist environment…….

(date added:01/06/2007)

POV – see everything from your point of view

POV is a revolutionary portable light source used by dental and medical professionals for illumination with magnification and photography…..

(date added:01/06/2007)


Oral healthcare professionals are the first line of defence in the fight against oral cancer………..

(date added:01/06/2007)

Optident Labline

Optident Labline was established in 1995 and since its foundation it has been our objective to provide the dental profession with the highest standard of manufactured custom fabricated trays……………………..

(date added:01/06/2007)