Dental Loupes

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For dental and medical professionals, best practice requires creating the correct levels of magnification and the optimum lighting environment for clinical procedures. With the advancement in materials, technology and patient expectation, the demand for microscopy within all aspects of dentistry is rising sharply and loupes are becoming smaller, lighter and more comfortable. Today, the practice of using a microscope or wearing loupes during all dental procedures, regardless of which brand of dentistry the clinician hails from, is becoming so widespread that it is almost part of the expected standard of basic care.Optident Vision Boutique has extensively researched the market bringing you a range of magnification and illumination to suit every clinical requirement and all budgets. Working with established European medical companies such as Kaps, Univet and Merident Optergo, we are able to confidently offer a high quality, functional and stylish selection of microscopes and loupes for everyone.

Dental loupes are now recognised as an essential accessory for the dental professionals every day use in practice. Achieving optimum magnification and the correct lighting environment are vital for consistency and success of clinical procedures for the loupe towork best. There are various different options available on the market, including TTL, which means that the eyepiece is placed an at optimal distance from the pupil providing a wide field of vision and Flip-Up loupes, which are fully adjustable binocular systems and are supported by an articulated joint connected to the glasses.

Custom made loupes are not just for aesthetic purposes, but can enable clinicians or anyone using magnification for long periods of time. These loupes are ideal to operate at an ideal working distance without causing eye strain. Again thse loupes help with neck pains or backache. This is because individual measurements of the loupes, interpupillary, working distance and angle of declination are taken to ensure the correct working angle is achieved to allow the user to work in an ergonomically correct position whilst wearing the loupe.

Two designs of telescope are commonly used for surgical magnification, these are Galilean and Keplerian (or prismatic). Galilean loupes designs are simple, relatively unobtrusive and lightweight and are used for the lower magnification (2.3x to 3.5x) loupes. Where a higher magnification (up to 8x) and better clarity image is required Keplerian loupes are the best option, although the oculars are inherently longer and heavier.

Custom made loupes offer a user, who has an existing optical prescription, to incorporate this, rather than buying ‘off the shelf’ loupes which would be unsuitable. Most clinicians who wish to make regular use of dental loupes will probably utilise a magnification of 2.3x to 3.2x and if your eyesight alters in the future, custom made loupes with corrective lenses mean that alterations can be made to accommodate this, ensuring an always clear field of vision and correct working posture.

Good illumination from a high intensity headlight complements the use of loupes and in some cases can be colour corrective. Best working policy for use of the loupes whilst working are employing high quality lighting technology will increase your depth of vision. To help loupe reduce eye fatigue and provide optimum freedom of movement, correcting your working posture. The application of multilayer antireflection coatings on all lens surfaces delivers a clear bright image to the clinician. The use of quality dental loupes will significantly improve the clinicians abilities to perform exacting dental procedures and operations in the dental surgery.

Advances in technology mean loupes are now presented on extremely lightweight, designer frames that incorporate the correct lens size, shape and pantoscopic angles providing perfectly magnified vision that look good too. Modern wraparound frames are very comfortable and provide greater splatter protection for the user. This type of loupes frame is especially popular with dental hygienists.

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