Enamel plus HFO

HFO the new generation – not a new system, a step towards perfection and simplicity.
Optident and Micerium have been associated for over 30 years. In 1989 together with Lorenzo Vanini, Micerium developed the world's first truly aesthetic composite with optimum physical properties. It set the standard for today's composite technology. Enamel plus HFO is the first composite system in the world to address the five dimensions of tooth colour with aesthetic quality of restorations that can only be compared to modern ceramic materials. HFO has virtually the same characteristics of fluorescence and opalescence as a natural tooth. Enamel plus HFO is ideal for both interior and posterior restorations. The material is 75% filled and has a compressive strength of 450-490 MPa. The dentine shades have the same opacity and fluorescence as natural dentine. He enamel shades have opalescence and translucency as natural enamel. See the Education section for details of our Ab Initio and Vanini hands-on courses.
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