Ab Initio

Modular course over four full days - £2225.00 + VAT
Travel and accomodation to be booked separately. All day courses include lunch and refreshments

28 Verifiable CPD Hours

6 Part Modular Hands-On



24th - 25th April 2015
8th - 9th May 2015

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT available if booked by 31st January 2015

Cost - £1999 + vat

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality of postgraduate education,we are delighted to announce that Dr David Klaff will be running
a four part restorative module course, 'Ab initio' The aim of Ab Initio is to provide knowledge and experience in all aspects of restorative dentistry using composite resin material both directly and indirectly.

Throughout the four part course, participants will gain an in-depth and advanced understanding of adhesion, cavity preparation, new techniques for colour mapping and direct/indirect build up techniques. Ab Initio is uncompromising and explores all aspects relating to resin based restorative dentistry to bring you the ultimate guide for providing superior composite restorations in your practice.

Modules 1 & 2

- Dentofacial:function, biomechanics & periodontal
- Presentations and hands on
- Colour theory:colour matching
- Presentations and hands on

Modules 3 & 4

- Adhesion & longevity
- Presentation and hands on

Modules 5&6

- Posterior restorations: direct and indirect
- Presentation and hands on

Modules 7&8

- Anterior restorations:direct and indirect
- Presentation and hands on

Our course tutor, Dr David Klaff has experience of providing the highest quality of restorations for many years utilising and exploring these and other techniques.


" I have found the Ab Initio course to be challenging and informative; and most enjoyable.

It quenches my thirst for knowledge about composites. It covers the evolution of composites, bonds and lights; from the inception to the very latest research. I now know which three bonds work; and above all, I am learning to use the wonderful composite HFO.

The person sitting next to me on the course had recently bought two expensive cordless LED curing lights; only to discover from the course that they don¹t actually cure the composite properly.

When I look in patients¹ mouths, there is no comparison between the teeth I have restored with HFO and those I have restored with other composites. They now look like real teeth; and I am still striving to improve even more.
That¹s what Ab Initio does to you.

I highly recommend this course, if you, like me are always striving to be an ever better dentist; then this course is the one not to be missed."
Maeve Logue, Dartford

" The benefits from attending the Ab Initio course are immediate and far-reaching. The improvement in the aesthetics of my anterior restorations was simply mind blowing. The results achievable I had only believed were possible using porcelain and a master technician. I am now able to achieve vitality and characterisation with the degree of predictability I would not have believed."
Dr John T Wade, Norwich

" As a self confessed "dental geek"(106 CPD hours last year) I can honestly say that the "Ab Initio" course is THE best I have EVER attended. The concept of teaching biomaterials science in a practical and interesting way in combination with a strong "hands on" component is a clear winner. It has changed the way I work, and more importantly the way I think; leaving a lasting impression on my career."
Dr Jason Smithson, Truro

" If you want to get up to date and confident to provide the ultimate in private care this is the course for 2006. David Klaff and Optident at their best."
Mike Booth, Grange, Cumbria


For further information or to reserve your place please contact

Lyndsay Beaumont on: +44 (0) 1943 604400

or e-mail lyndsay.beaumont@optident.co.uk

Ab Initio – a new concept in dental education

(Dr David Klaff – published in Dentistry 04/2007)

Ab Initio: a foundation future

(Dr John T.Wade ­ published Dentistry 01/2007)

Terms and Conditions:

Fees include attendance at the seminar and refreshments. The fee is payable by cheque or on account.
Cancellations must be received in writing to Lyndsay Beaumont 14 days prior to the seminar for a refund to be made. After this date, no refunds will be given under any circumstances.
Optident reserves the right to change the conference sessions or speakers in cases of illness or other conditions beyond its control. Substitutions are always welcome.