Bringing science to the art of dentistry.
Optident introduced Bisco products to the UK market 13 years ago. They are the leaders in resin technology and together with Dr John Kanca III, invented the first wet bonding system changing the way modern restorative dentistry is practiced. Since then, Bisco have gone on to become one of the most respected names in resin restorative Dentistry.
32% UniEtch
Aeliteflo Low-modulus microhybrid composite
All-Bond 2 universal bonding system
All-Bond 3
AllBond SE
All-Bond SE ACE
All-Bond TE ACE
All-Bond Universal
Aqua-prep F dentine-enamel wetting agent
BisBlock dentine desensitiser
Biscover LV Liquid Polish
Bisfil II base increment composite base
Bisfil-2B Self-Cure Composite
C&B self-cure luting composite
Choice 2 porcelain adhesive system
Core-Flo DC
DuoLink Luting Composite
Fortify Plus composite surface sealant
Intraoral Repair Kit
One-Step & One-Step Plus Bonding System
Raptor composite finishing burs
Resinomer multi-purpose resin ionomer
Select HV Etch
TheraCal LC
Z Prime Plus