ENA Post

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The ENA Post glass fibre post system offers perfect aesthetic and function when restoring non-vital teeth

The fibres of the ENA post are inserted into the same fluorescent resin matrix as the HFO hybrid composite giving perfect integration of colour together with conservative strength. The modulus of the ENA Post is close to dentine and when bonded in pace, produces a monoblock type structure which is proven to be more protective of remaining tooth structure.
Two tapered designs (2% and 10%) are available for the appropriate size and taper of the restored tooth.

Product CodeDescription
COSM101B Ena Etch 25ml
COSM101 Ena Etch2 x 2ml
CP0208 Ena Post 2% 0.8-1.25MM
CP0210 Ena Post 2% 1.0-1.45MM
CP0212 Ena Post 2% 1.2-1.65MM
CP0214 Ena Post 2% 1.4-1.88MM
CPF1005 Ena Post Drill 10% 0.5-1.6MM
CPF1007 Ena Post Drill 10% 0.7-1.8MM
CPF1009 Ena Post Drill 10% 0.9-2.0MM
CPF1011 Ena Post Drill 10% 1.1-2.2MM
CPF0208 Ena Post Drill 2% 0.8-1.25MM
CPF0210 Ena Post Drill 2% 1.0-1.45MM
CPF0212 Ena Post Drill 2% 1.2-1.65MM
CPF0214 Ena Post Drill 2% 1.4-1.88MM
CP1005 Ena Post Fibre 10% 0.5-1.6MM
CP1007 Ena Post Fibre 10% 0.7-1.8MM
CP1009 Ena Post Fibre 10% 0.9-2.0MM
CP1011 Ena Post Fibre 10% 1.1-2.2MM
COSM300A EnaBond 5ml
COSM300D EnaBond Catalyst 5ml
CPCK EnaCem Dual Cure Intro Kit
CPCTIPS EnaCem mixing tips
CP0200 EnaPost 2% Kit
CP1000 EnaPost Fibre 10% Kit
COSZ10 EnaSeal light cure 5ml